REVELIFE EHR Solution For Medicare Reimbursement

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Improve Your Patients Health & Obtain Outcomes Results For Medicare Reimbursement

Refer your patients to the ReveLife Fitness Club for a personalized fitness and wellness program. Patient exercise and wellness results data are transferred to your EHR system.

  • Patient Cardio Fitness Results
  • Patient Strength Program Results
  • Body Analysis Test Results
  • Glucometer Reading Results



Electronic Health Record Incentive Program – Meaningful Use Stage 3

Meaningful Use Stage 3 is the third phase of the meaningful use of Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive program. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC) published the final rule on Meaningful Use Stage 3 on October 6, 2015.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 Program Physician Requirements

Meaningful Use Stage 3 includes EIGHT requirements that physicians must meet to receive their incentives and avoid any penalties. In this program, physicians must meet to receive their incentives to avoid any penalties.

Meaningful Use Stage 3 Requirement #6: Coordination of Care Through Patient Engagement:

The measures included in this objective encourage patients to actively engage in their care by necessitating physicians to educate them on and offer capabilities to view patient health data. The measures in this objective cover three different aspects. The first measure requires physicians to have more than 25% of patients interact with their EHR. The second measure requires that more than 35% of patients receive secure digital communication from a care provider. The third measure focuses on encouraging the collection of patient-generated health data from fitness trackers or wearable devices from more than 15% of patients. Eligible providers must attest to all three measures, but meet the thresholds for two of the three.

Current Medicare Reimbursement and Compliance Facts

40% of how physicians are measured for Medicare reimbursement compliance is directly linked to having their patients interact with their EHR system.*

Physicians that are not compliant with current Medicare reimbursement regulations will lose 7% of their annual reimbursements. This value with an increase to 9% starting in 2021.**

ReveLife Prevention and Outcomes Monitoring

ReveLife has developed a PATENTED health and fitness tracking technology designed to integrate data directly into EHR platforms that can be used by physician networks and hospital systems to show compliance with Medicare reimbursement laws.  ReveLife provides clients an easy to use mobile app to capture data from cardio and strength exercise equipment, glucometer readings, gold standard body test analysis for body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, weight, and blood pressure.

How ReveLife Generates and Securely Transfers Prevention and Outcomes Data

A unique digital RevelCode is generated on our cardio machines, strength machines, health kiosk, and glucometer reader.  The RevelCode uses a custom URL embedded in the barcode specific to your EHR portal to direct where to send the data. Patients use the ReveLife Mobile App to scan the RevelCode to send their outcomes data directly to your EHR portal.  ReveLife does not need to manage patient outcomes data.

ReveLife Proprietary Results Tracking Technology

Cardio Workout Tracking


Strength Workout Tracking


Body Analysis Tracking


30-Days Glucometer READINGS


ReveLife provides clients an easy to use mobile app to capture data from cardio and strength exercise equipment, glucometer readings,  gold standard body test analysis including body fat percentage, lean muscle mass, weight and blood pressure.

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