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“The NitroGX HIIT classes are amazing. I’ve lost over 30 pounds doing the classes but also love the technology this gym offers. I recommend it to everyone.”

– Soren B.

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Petar C
02:51 31 Jan 19
New equipment and Lauren is the best!
Lisa F.
22:12 15 Apr 19
As a runner I love the new treadmills and being able to track my workouts using my phone instead of wearing my Fitbit. The ambience is great, very bright and open with lots of windows. The Hiit class looks intense and going to try. Never have to wait for anything, hope it stays that way.
Ashley H.
13:31 08 Apr 19
I enjoyed this gym during the time I was there! It is very clean and never packed. Loren was a great trainer! Given that there is one shower with no...
Lala C
19:00 01 Oct 18
I went for the weight loss program and found that you get to use the gym while on the program for no extra charge which is a big bonus for me. I'm hoping to lose 30 pounds.
Jonesy D.
17:32 18 Feb 19
Really love this new gym. Attention to detail in every way. All brand new equipment, huge shower. I like that I can input my own routine in their workout app along with my daily nutrition (similar to myfitnesspal). The body fat test system is surprisingly accurate to my previous dunk tests. They also offer Vo2 testing that I'm looking forward to scheduling. Well worth what they charge and no hassle parking.
Denise D.
16:04 10 May 19
Super clean place and friendly front desk staff.
Cecy M.
18:51 15 Jan 19
Cool new high tech gym. I can easily track my workouts on my phone using their app. Nice large showers. I love the easy parking.
Donya A.
11:10 09 May 19
Revelife is definitely a hybrid between a regular gym and boutique fitness studio. You get all the amenities that you would at a regular gym, with the...
Gomar M.
08:24 28 Jul 19
I really enjoyed this place while I was going there but eventually choose to go to a different gym. I'll tel you why I left as well as give you my thoughts...
Yasmene A.
18:07 10 Jan 19
I have tried several classes at gyms in the South Bay and this is the the best class I have found. Their HIIT training includes treadmills, rowing machines and strength training and in one hour workout I blast 500 plus calories per workout. During class we wear a heart rate monitor so we know exactly how hard we are working and when to push and even sometimes when to slow down. Coach Loren who runs the classes is a Master Trainer, he is definitely an experienced professional and he is always checking my form and pushing me through the class. The class adjusts to all fitness levels as well as any injuries or limitations. The gym itself is brand new, bright and clean. The staff is friendly and welcoming and are always smiling. This place truly is a gem and I'm so happy to be here!
Charles Y.
21:55 18 Jan 19
Great location away from the typical shopping center traffic off Hawthorne. Everything in this place is brand new and their phone app is a great bonus, nice seeing my reps in real time. Great price for what they offer.
Maria S.
19:47 23 Jan 19
Got a 30 day free pass at Del Amo mall to try and I'm sold. This gym is amazing, super modern with a cool app that tracks all your workouts on your phone. Love that it's not a big corporate gym, the owners and staff are great. Highly recommend.
Chloe May C.
18:24 29 Oct 18
Amazing gym and equipment, always super clean also very friendly and helpful staff. Make working out here so much more enjoyable
Laura G.
20:10 24 Oct 18
I'm a workout tracking junkie. I use Fitbit to track my steps and calories burned which is good but limited. The way this gym allows you to track your workout results from the cardio machines and weight machines is truly impressive. I'm addicted. Everything is done on your phone, no need for any other device. They also offer diet tracking on their app similar to MyFitnessPal, you can scan the barcode of a food item to upload it. Very nice interior, reminds me of being in an Apple store.
Vivian C.
08:05 30 Jul 19
Great gym. Great instructors-walk you through every step of the way and so motivating. Very clean and great staff very welcoming.
Kory K.
18:29 17 Jan 19
By far the best new gym in Torrance. Sleek, modern, great location. I can now track my food and training program on one app. Hoping they add more classes. Great Staff!!
magnum P.
18:24 27 Oct 18
Nice gym. I’ve been going for the last two weeks and I enjoy this place. The new machines are great. Friendly staff and very clean gym.
Marley T.
18:38 26 Mar 19
Absolutely love this new club! The Nitro classes are excellent way to burn calories. How you track your weight workout on your phone is very cutting edge, never seen anything like it. The location is awesome without having to fight for a parking spot.
01:22 09 Mar 19
Great gym, wonderful staff.
Chris G.
04:26 14 Feb 19
It's easily the best place to workout in the South Bay. The NitroGX classes are a perfect blend of upper body, lower body and cardio. The Coach, Loren, is...
Savannah B
20:02 15 Apr 19
I’ve lost 22 pounds and now on my maintenance diet and workout plan to keep it off. They do a breath test that shows exactly how many calories you need to reduce weekly to lose weight and then after to show how many calories you need to maintain. Body fat and weight are done on a medical kiosk that you scan with your phone to track (no embarrassing pinch devices most trainers use for fat testing). I’ve tried various weight loss centers and gyms and nothing compares this program based on your own body statistics. I’m usually intimidated going to a gym but the staff and members here are super nice and supportive and I feel great coming here.
Dwi N.
13:30 03 Feb 19
Very state of the art equipment, love that they have an app where it will keep track of your workouts. Nice and friendly staff, and parking is a breeze...
Gomar M.
22:45 27 Jul 19
I really enjoyed this place while I was going there but eventually choose to go to a different gym. I'll tel you why I left as well as give you my thoughts...
Stephen W.
18:57 17 Oct 18
Love this new club! The app connected to machines for workouts is super cool. Parking off Hawthorne is great.

“I have lost 35 pounds so far! They always take the time I need and nutrition sessions aren’t rushed. The weight loss program coupled with personal training has been critical to my success. The overall support from the ReveLife team is amazing”

Karrie G.

 This Gym has the most sophisticated technology of any Gym I have ever used.  I love to track my workouts and no other gym I have ever seen allows you to track everything, even strength machines, not just aerobic equipment, all from one very well designed app.

Richard W.

So far, I’ve lost 25 lbs. The weekly sessions and meals created by nutritionist Aurora combined with training with Loren have been key to my success. The entire ReveLife team is very supportive.

Ketrin O.

“The NitroGX HIIT classes are amazing. I’ve lost over 30 pounds doing the classes but also love the technology this gym offers. I recommend it to everyone.”

Soren B.

“I’m thrilled with the results of my weight loss, increased physical strength and confidence! The ReveLife weight loss program doesn’t feel like a typical diet, it’s a lifestyle change that is easy to follow and the personal support is wonderful”.


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